Public space is the essence of urbanity Buildings evidence the physical aspect of urbanisation. But the essence of urban life manifests itself mainly in the free space between buildings: the outdoor public space. Click here for project Parvis St. Antoine Traffic space is public space By definition, traffic space is publicly used for passage and movement, lingering and meeting. Traffic space deserves to be designed as fully valued public space. Click here for project Park Belle Vue Never start from scratch Each place has its origin and history, which have shaped it into what it is. Design strategies that ‘erase’ miss opportunities. An approach based on what is already there enriches the experience of a place. Click here for project Dumon Square Design by experiment! Click here for project Parvis St. Antoine For the success of spatial design we want to – no, must – look beyond the drawing board. Experimenting on site, together with stakeholders, creates customised and higher-quality final designs. Create structures open for appropriation! Strong outlines are necessary for sustainable spatial development. Appropriation by the users of public space is indispensable for the quality of life! A good design unites both approaches. Click here for project Dumon Square Doing much with little Budget is not the (only) determinant of a design’s quality. The scope of the solution is important. Our aim, therefore, is to maximise impact through limited resources. Click here for project Grotestraat Almelo Think space in time! Urban development is never complete; it is an ongoing process. Time plays a significant role in any public space. Sustainable design takes this fourth dimension into account. Click here for project Top Noordrand Bikes ain’t cars! Click here for the book Cycle Infrastructure This seems obvious: bicycles are not cars. Yet this is often forgotten in the design of bicycle mobility. The bike deserves an infrastructure that takes into account context, experience, and cycling’s socio-economic value. Play with rules! Click here for project Park Belle Vue Not every progressive solution requires the transformation of an entire system. Take, for example, the high jumper Dick Fosbury. His revolutionary jumping technique kept within the rules of the game but changed the sport forever. Co-production makes public space work Click here for project Grotestraat Almelo Public space is the space of the public. Public space design arising from user collaboration guarantees the users’ acceptance and support and allows for fully utilised space.