About us

Artgineering works at the intersection of urban planning, landscape, and mobility. Or, more precisely, we draw no boundaries between these disciplines; we combine them.

We devise and implement strategies for both the design and redesign of cities and the urbanised areas in between. The bicycle plays an important role in these strategies. Employing a fresh outlook, we continually review relationships between infrastructure, landscape, and urban development.

We carefully examine what already exists. We consider this logical; like communicating with an area’s users and employing innovative, participatory processes. We believe spatial quality goes hand in hand with social and cultural quality.

Together, we strive to innovate urban planning tools for contemporary hybrid areas.

Consider our vision as holistic, one that blends creativity and technology. It is art-gineering.


Aglaée Degros

Founding partner, urban planner and participation expert

aglaee degros

Stefan Bendiks

Founding partner, urban planner and bicycle expert

Clement Gay

Architect clement@artgineering.eu

Ana Daniela Dresler

Urban designer and regional planner ana@artgineering.eu

Markus Monsberger

Urban planner markus@artgineering.eu

Sandra Freudenthaler

Intern/trainee sandra@artgineering.eu


please send your resumé to: work@artgineering.eu



Birgit Bekker, Jeffrey Epping and Ariënne Boelens have contributed to the realization of this website.