Aglaée Degros

Aglaée Degros is an architect / urban planner and director of the office Artgineering, based in Brussels. With Artgineering, she devises and implements design strategies for complex (inter)urban conditions with a great interest for co-production and stakeholder involvement. In various research and design projects, she re-interprets the relation of mobility, landscape and urban development.

Furthermore Aglaée Degros is university professor and head of the Institute of Urbanism at the Graz University of Technology. In the past she has been a visiting professor and guest lecturer at the several architecture institutions throughout Europe. She had a professorship of Urban Culture and Public Space at Vienna University of Technology (2010) and the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. She also was visiting professor at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels

Aglaée Degros is amongst others co-author of the Routledge publication ‘Public Space and the Challenges of Urban Transformation in Europe’ and ‘Brussels, [re]discovering its spaces’. She regularly is a jury member at international urban planning and design competitions.

1972  Born in Leuven, Belgium

1990 – 1996  Architecture School, Sint Lukas Brussels, Belgium / Student

1994  Erasmus exchange, University TTKK Tampere, Finland / Student

1996  Erasmus exchange, TU Karlsruhe, Germany / Student

2001 – …  Artgineering, Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Director and co-founder

2006 – 2008  PhD candidate, metropolitan and regional design, TU Delft, The Netherlands / Researcher

2010 – 2011  Technische Universität Wien / Guest Professor Skuor

2013 – 2014  Akademie der Bildenden Künste, IKA / Vienna, Austria / Univ. Professor,  Roland Rainer Chair

2015 – 2016  Vrije universiteit Brussel, Belgium / Guest Professor Cosmopolis, Department of Geography

2014 – …  Artgineering, Brussels, Belgium / Director and co-founder

2015 – 2016  Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Guest professor Cosmopolis

2016 – …  Graz University of Technology / Professor and head of the Institut Für Städtebau


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Grants and Awards

2016  Grant Creative Industries Fund for ‘New Rural Mobility
2016  Invited competition Mobility plan Forest / Brussels, Belgium / 1st prize
2016  Open call Vlaamse Bouwmeester, Masterplan Hansbeke / Hansbeke, Belgium / 1st prize
2015  Competition Liedekerkepark / Sint Joost ten Node, Belgium / 1st prize
2014  Invited competition Centers Borgerhout / Antwerp, Belgium / 1st prize
2014  Invited competition redesign Dumon square / Brussels, Belgium / 1st prize
2013  Grant Creative Industry Fund for ‘Public outreach Urban Innovation’
2011  Citadelpark / Ghent, Belgium / 1st prize
2011  Masterplan ‘La Marlette’ / Seneffe, Belgium / 1st prize
2010  N23 Koggeland / Project Grant / icw. Bureau Middelkoop and municipality of Koggeland
2010  Open call Vlaamse Bouwmeester, pendelparking Oostkamp / 1st prize
2010  ‘A1 – P11’ Service Area / The Netherlands / 1st prize
2010  Contest Communaute Francaise de Belgique, Nautic Centre Peronnes / 1st prize
2009  Open call Vlaamse Bouwmeester, Ring Boom / 1st prize
2009  Publication grant ‘Fonds BKVB’, foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture
2008  Open call Vlaamse Bouwmeester, Park Belle-Vue Leuven / 1st prize
2007  Stipendium ‘Artist-in-résidence’, Krems, Austria
2005  Echt zien N470, mijN470 / 1st prize
2004  Bauhaus Award 2004 / nomination
2004  Geest en Grond competition / 1st prize
2004  Karl Hofer Award of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) / 1st prize
2002 – 2003  Project Grant FBKVB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2001  Europan 6 competition / 2nd prize
1999  Baunetz Internet Competition / 3rd prize


2017  Professor Urbanism, Institut für Städtebau, TU Graz
2016  Mentor at the summer school ‘Schengen’ at the University of Luxembourg
2016  Master tutor International Masterclass ‘Bridges’ Brussels, VUB and ULB
2016  Professor Urbanism, Institut für Städtebau, TU Graz
2016  Thesis mentor Workshop ‘planches d’hiver’ in Oostende (in collaboration with UAntwerpen)
2016  Guest Professor Cosmopolis, Department of geography, Vrije universiteit Brussel
2015  Visiting lecturer Arnhem Academy of Architecture
2015  Visiting lecturer Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2014  Visiting lecturer Arnhem Academy of Architecture
2014  Visiting lecturer Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2014  Visiting lecturer École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris
2013  Professor Architecture Roland Rainer Chair Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, IKA
2013  Invited teacher Artez Academy of Architecture Arnhem, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, ULB Brussels
2012  Organizer workshop Human Cities Festival, Brussels
2012  Invited teacher, Artez Academy of Architecture Arnhem, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2010  Visiting professorship Urban Culture and Public Space, Vienna University of Technology
2009  Visiting lecturer, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
2008  Tutor, Europan workshop, Santiago
2008  Teacher, Summerschool, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2008  Researcher TU Delft
2008  Visiting lecturer Arnhem Academy of Architecture
2007  Researcher TU Delft
2007  Visiting lecturer Arnhem Academy of Architecture
2006  Visiting lecturer TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture
2006  Jury member La Cambre, Brussels
2005  Visiting lecturer TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2005  Jury member La Cambre, Brussels, Sint Lukas Brussels
2004  Visiting lecturer TU Delft, Arnhem Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2004  Thesis mentor Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, University Paris (Val de Seine)
2003  Visiting lecturer TU Delft, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
2003  Thesis mentor TU Delft
2002  Visiting lecturer TU Delft
2002  Jury member La Cambre, Brussels
2001  Visiting lecturer Tilburg Academy of Architecture


2017  Europan / Hamburg
2017  Paris / Citée de l’architecture / Bruxelles la possibilité d’une metropole
2017  Dubrovnik / 4th European conference on sustainable urban mobility / Space of mobility
2017  Graz, Austria / TU / Inaugural lecture at the Technical University in Graz
2016  Graz / Austria / TU Graz / The Art of Linking
2016  VRP congress / Mechelen / Making Public space
2015  Bratislava
2015  Film Archibelge / Canvas / RTBF / Bozar
2014  National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Naples / The transformation of the public space in Europe
2014  Europan / Pavia
2014  Observatoire des politiques culturelles / Académie fratellini,  Parijs / l’art de la ru(s)e
2014  Book presentation “ Brussel (her)verovert haar buitenruimte”  Buro europa, Maastricht / VAI, Antwerpen / AIR Rotterdam / Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
2014  Book presentation “Bruxelles à la reconquête de ses espaces”  Recyclart , Brussel / Ucl , Brussel / midi de l’urbanisme, Brussel
2013  Europan / Paris
2013  Europan / Berlin
2013  Vienna / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, IKA / Cycle Strada
2013  Luxembourg, Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingenierie, Eurpean architectures from Flanders
2012  Aarschot / VAI / ‘Vlaams architectuur jaarboek’, no. 10
2012  Heerlen / Schunck / New or Notropolis / Spooronderzoek / youtube:
2012  Luxembourg / Fondation de l’Architecture / Conference on Architecture, European Urbanisation and Globalistation
2011  Ljubljana / Slovenia / Human cities II
2010  Vienna / TU / Public Space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: politics and culture
2010  Roterdam / v/h Nieuwe Binnenweg / Remix, Atlas van de Nieuwe Binnenweg
2010  Vienna / TU / About roads, arts and politics
2010  Vienna / Townhall / The sense of place in urban planning
2010  Neufchatel / Europan, Mobility
2009  Graz / Europan 10 forum, Mobility
2009  Rotterdam / the Netherlands / Air / 27.06 / dag van de architectuur, mobility
2009  Rotterdam / the Netherlands / NAI / Opening of Europan 10
2009  Aorta Utrecht / Utrecht / the Netherlands / 14.01 / debate A12NU –  tactics for the future of the A12zone
2008  Rotterdam / the Netherlands / The Union / Re- invent Rotterdam
2008  Rotterdam / the Netherlands / Air / sustainability
2008  Paris / France / Europan 10 forum , sustainable city
2008  Brussels / Belgium / La Cambre / Pyblic, spatial expertise
2007  Catagne / Sicily / Europan 9 Forum, mobility
2007  St. Etienne / France / Conference Highway and Design
2007  Rotterdam / The Netherlands / N4, RPB Space Conference
2007  Brussels / Belgium / Sint-Lukas / Neighbourhood
2006  Lisse / The Netherlands / Bouwnetwerk / Bollenstreek, geest en grond
2006  Brussels / Belgium / CIVA / 24.04 / Re-nouveaux plaisirs d’architecture
2005  Liège / Belgium / Palais des Congres / Europan
2004  Amsterdam / The Netherlands / Stiching Nor / 21.12 / New public spaces
2004  Amsterdam / The Netherlands / Fashion academy / 04.10 / The city as catwalk